About BrutalWolf Games

We're a small indie development team located in Seville, Spain, who wants to create all kind of games, from the kindest to the most brutal, starting in mobile platforms but hoping to go to consoles and pc.
Our passion for videogames has motivated us to start this new adventure and pushes us to try our best in our games everyday.
The most important thing is the our products' high level of quality. To create something we can be proud of.
We hope that although our beginnings are humble, we'll be able to see our BrutalWolf family grow.

Meet the team

Raki Martínez

Game designer / Artist

I've been playing and drawing ever since I can remember (f*ck u Sergio !). I studied Fine Arts and specialized in design so I could chase my passion into videogame development. I'm excited about having started this new adventure, and I'm willing to give it my everything.

Sergio Cárdenas

Game designer / Programmer

I've been playing videogames ever since I can remember (I wrote it first !), and I started working as a programmer hoping I could create those games I loved one day, hoping I could tell all those stories I have in my head.

Delta y Sigma

Adorable pets

These two are our escapism and marketing experts, no one can resist their charm. Maybe one day they'll even learn Thunder Shock like Pikachu!


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In Development

In development



Graphic designer / Artist

I've always been passionate about creating and I've been dreaming about turning my stories into videogames since I was little. I chose illustration and design to enter this industry, my two biggest passions which are like air in my lungs. There's still a long way ahead, but I hope to make videogames that inspire and move others like other games did (and still do) with me.

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